Ekara, the eyes of your users

Ekara is a fully hybrid platform, capable of supervising 100% of existing applications and ensuring the availability and performance of your environment (intranet and internet).

Ekara 360°

Drive your IT through user experience

  • Drive enterprise performance through user experience.
  • Gain visibility into digital experience across all domains (Business / IT / Network).
  • Define and consolidate key performance indicators for digital services.
  • Measure the business stakes associated with user experience (productivity, revenue, brand image…)

Case Study: Major Player in the Transportation Industry


The contexte

A major player in the transportation industry partnered with ip-label to deploy user experience-driven application monitoring.


Origin of the Problem

The business units are reporting malfunctions and lack visibility into the functioning of the applications.


Our Support

ip-label deployed a user-centric monitoring solution.


The Benefits

Improved insight into application health.

Our Partners

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